Victorian Novel Research Seminar (ENGL111, Spring 2016)
Victorian Novel Research Seminar (ENGL111, Spring 2015 discussion outlines)
Discipline and Culture
(ENGL086 HIST090J INTP091, with Farid Azfar)
Victorian Literature and Victorian Informatics(ENGL040,Spring 2015)
Close Reading and Its Discontents and Literature Against History? (ENGL009Z)
The Rise of the Novel ENGL35, Fall 2015, )
Victorian Studies: the Culture of the Review (ENGL40)
The Nineteenth-Century Novel and the Canon (ENGL40b)
The Twentieth-Century Novel (ENGL45)
Bad Research and Information Heresies (ENGL81/HIST90, with Timothy Burke)
Formalisms and Historicisms (ENGL83)
Victorian Novel Research Seminar (ENGL111, full course archive)
Early Novels Databasesummer seminar(student blog + projects)

At the University of Toronto
Fiction before 1832: The Rise of the Novel (third-year year-long course,  2007-2008)
Narrative (first-year introduction to literature, year-long course,  2007-2008)

At the University of Pennsylvania
Theory of the Novel (Topics in the Novel upper-level seminar, Spring 2007)
Victorian Literature and the Culture of the Review (survey course, Spring 2007)
Theory in Practice (Topics in Literary Theory upper-level, Fall 2006)
Anarchism, Cosmopolitanism, and Late-Victorian Literature Print Culture (Fall 2006)
Producing Novels, Consuming Fictions (upper-level seminar, Spring 2006)
The Nineteenth-Century Novel (survey course, Spring 2006)
Sympathetic Ink: Empire and Material Text in Victorian Literature (upper-level, Fall 2005)
Jane Austen (upper-level seminar, Summer 2005 and Summer 2007)
Eighteenth-Century Print Culture (ind study, Spring 2005)